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Product Demonstration Videos

The Royal Crack Weeder Blade

The Crack Weeder removes weeds and debris between pavers and pavement cracks.

Fred gets his garden ready for spring

Take out sprouting weeds, till in bone meal and trench for planting.

Get Your Garden Ready for Fall or Spring Planting

The Royal Weeder will help you get your raised bed or small garden ready for fall or spring planting with effortless weeding and tilling in soil amendments.

Changing Batteries is Easy

The rechargeable battery is easy to remove and replace in the Royal Weeder's pistol grip. Battery charges last for about 1/2 hour and recharged in just one hour.

How to Adjust the Handle

When you assemble The Royal Weeder, rotate the adjustable handle 180 degrees so it points toward the front. Tighten into place with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

How to Adjust the Height

Adjust the your Royal Weeder to a comfortable height by by twisting the purple adjustment knob and sliding the shaft to desired length.

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