• Cordless, 2-amp, 10 volt rechargeable battery and charging unit

  • The 2" X 1" battery fits right in the
    Royal Weeder’s handle

  • 25-35 minutes of weeding power, depending on use

  • 200-220 rpm makes for easy weeding

  • Super easy to remove and charge 

  • Charges in as little as an hour

Extends from 38" to 44"
for a custom fit

Aluminum extension rod
runs the length of entire weeder

Adjustable, left-or-right-handed
thumb grip extension rod

Telescopic adjuster for
optimal ergonomics

Comfortable, pistol-grip/
easy-grip handle 

• 6" steel tiller blade
• The star-shaped blade has points bent left and
    right to insure proper balance and effective weeding
• Great for delicate and fragile areas

• Removable blade is bolted to the motor


Weighs only 

3 lbs, 2oz


durable high-grade plastic

Rechargeable Battery

Comes with one 2-amp, 10 volt
rechargeable battery and charging unit.


Money Back