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The Royal Weeder Cordless tiller and weeder

The Ultimate, Lightweight
Cordless Tiller
& Weeder


The Royal WeederTM is a cordless tiller that takes the pain out of weeding your garden. Invented by an entrepreneur and owner of a small family business, the Royal Weeder is specially designed to be lightweight (only 3 lbs, 2 oz), easy to use and super-efficient. It features an adjustable telescoping rod, comfortable pistol-grip handle, and rechargeable 10-volt battery. Perfect for gardeners of all ages and abilities, the Royal Weeder eliminates the need to hoe or kneel while weeding.

Royal Weeder lightweight garden tiller

The Perfect Lightweight
Garden Tiller

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Includes a BONUS

"Crack Weeder" blade

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The lightweight Royal Auger weighs only 5-pounds and offers a wide range of gardening uses for home gardeners—and for farmers. especially when installing T-posts. The Royal Auger is powered by a strong 20-volt lithium battery giving it over an hour of operation between charges.

      The Royal Auger replaces smaller augers that attach to drills and require bending and kneeling to plant starts and bulbs. The standing, two-handed operation helps stabilize the auger when drilling in rocky soil.

RW auger.jpg

The Royal Auger

A Lightweight Cordless Auger for Standing Operation



UPS Ground

Shipping in the
continental U.S.

•  Aerating soil

•  Mixing compost

•  Spot weeding for gardens that have drip systems.

•  Planting bulbs and plants

•  Tree planting—efficient for seedlings.
When digging a larger hole, The Royal Auger will loosen the dirt making it easier to finish the hole with a shovel.

•  Deep fertilizing for mature trees

•  Post hole starts—The Royal Auger is especially efficient for installing
T-Posts. It is ideal for drilling pilot holes for T-post fencing—especially for posts that are eight to ten feet tall used in deer fencing.

Royal Weeder Cordless Tiller Crack Weed Remover

"I am a master gardener and when I saw the Royal Weeder prototype I told Fred I can sell 100 of these to my master gardners members!"

- Sue C., Oregon

Invented by a Gardener...

The Royal Weeder’s inventor is Fred Marken. Fred believes in small, family-owned businesses. He likes to produce things that people can really use. After retiring from the organic food industry, Fred moved to a farm in the northern California foothills of the Siskiyou Mountains. There, he had more time to spend in his garden—a large vegetable patch and rows of flowers. He liked the results, but he dreaded the weeding. 

...and Built in a Barn

“I hauled around a small gas tiller, but it was a nuisance. It was difficult in between the rows and especially hard to get in between the plants,” says Fred. “There was just no way get in those small places. I thought: Why can’t I just have one, small tiller that would go on a rod with a battery? Why doesn’t somebody come up with that? So I decided to build a weeder that fit my needs — cordless and lightweight, yet powerful enough to get the job done."

"The weeder is light enough for me to weed my raised beds without getting sore shoulders, back and upper arms."  
— Cathy M, Medford, OR

Cordless Garden Tiller Royal Weeder
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